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Combining mathematics and yoga is an innovative approach to brain development, particularly in the area of mathematics. Through being able to perform mathematical calculations mentally while learning the brain-unlocking powers of yoga simultaneously, children benefit tremendously in their abilities to handle complex math problems easily and to do it with little trouble.


Yoga Helps Focus the Mind.

Yoga has been known for centuries to help the mind focus and to relax. When yoga is a part of a person’s routine, they are often calmer and better able to handle the stresses of life.

Mental Math Makes Life Easier. Learning how to do mental math is not just a way to do well in the competitive world of today’s academic environment. Throughout life, the ability to do mental math makes life simple and quick. There’s no need to pull out a calculator to do something that the brain is perfectly capable of doing quickly without outside aid.


Doing Mental Math Makes School Easier.

Children who can do mental math are better able to understand the material in their math classes and to master new concepts without having to focus too much on the basic arithmetic they need to complete more complex equations.


Physical Fitness Helps the Brain Focus.

When a person has a regular fitness routine, the brain can focus better on tasks at hand. Overall fitness helps to contribute to the ability to concentrate and reach the brain’s fullest thinking and performing potential.


Combining Math and Yoga Unlocks the Brain’s Power to Perform.

When children learn math and perform yoga in the same lesson, they can relax and to learn that math is something to embrace, not to be feared. They improve their physical and mental fitness by focusing only on yoga for a time and then applying what they learn in yoga about mental fitness to mathematics.